On the road, again


First, apologies for the long period without postings. I’ve been in Arizona attending a conference, and I’m now traveling with family through northeastern Arizona. Spent last night in Winslow, where yes, we were standing on the corner… more later on Winslow, but a quick plug for La Posada, a wonderful historic hotel, one of the original Harvey Houses. Later closed, empty for close to 40 years, then refurbished and revitalized. Also here is The Turquoise Room, which is alone worth the trip.

Second, I’ll be on the road through the rest of this week, but will try to squeeze in a few posting when time and Internet access permit. Tonight we’re in Canyon de Chelly, staying at the Thunderbird Lodge, a simple motel with cafeteria and gift shop. Food’s good, rooms are basic but clean, Wifi is free.

Finally, I’ll try to post about earlier experiences this trip in Scottsdale area. Stayed five nights at The Boulders, a fancy-schmancy resort, where the conference was held. The setting is magical, especially at sunrise and sunset, when the red-rock boulders practically glow in the sunlight. Sixth night was the historic Camelback Inn, Marriott’s original resort property, which recently underwent a multi-multi-million-dollar renovation. Dinner at BLT Steakhouse was nothing less than divine. Again, more on that later.

We’re planning to tour Canyon de Chelly tomorrow, then on to Monument Valley for two nights.


  1. She’s a fabulous artist. I didn’t realize she had lived in Portland; thanks for the heads up on that. Her artwork hangs throughout the inn, along with other artsy treasures.