Say it with chocolate



There, I said it. I’ve been known to crave dark (only dark, and the darker the better) chocolate at 8 a.m., so you know I’m seriously addicted. Once in Boston, when I craved a fix, I discovered The Chocolate Bar, in The Langham Hotel’s Café Fleuri for brunch.

Oh. My. God!

My friend Karen and I indulged—make that overindulged—in the food of the Gods. Served Saturdays through June, the chocoholic’s dream-come-true offers more than 125 choices, from chocolate soup to chocolate-covered nuts. And I sampled it all.

This year’s “Air, Fire, Water & Earth ” theme is a sensual experience, with the intoxicating aroma of chocolate perfuming the air and shades of brown, from inky dark to creamy milk, coloring buffet tables.

Here’s my advice: Go hungry and pace yourself. You can return again and again. Share familiar choices, such as chocolate chip cookies and chocolate fondue, and more exotic ones, perhaps chocolate spring rolls, chocolate fried risotto balls, even chocolate goat cheese sandwiches. In between sip on what might be the world’s best hot chocolate, or give a nod to health with a glass of merlot.

One note: Yes, there is such a thing as chocolate hangover. Instead of waddling to the nearest sofa for a nap afterwards, try a walk.


  1. Kohler has an all chocolate event every year at The American Club. Also they just opened a new chocolate cafe called the Craverie. They sell “terrapins” instead of “turtles,” I and I think they’re better than the traditional turtle. I liked the chocolate and cranberry and the chocolate and pistachio terrapins.

    I-am-a-chocoholic, too. I spend a fortune on almonds at Trader Joe’s so I can always have a handful to eat with my dark chocolate bar. MotherWarrior

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