Seal Cove Farm’s pizzas (and goat cheese gelato) are worth the detour.


Pizza en route to the oven at SEal Cove Farm. Hilary Nangle photoIMG_3729

Slideing a pizza into Seal Cove Farm's outdoor oven. Hilary Nangle photo. IMG_3724Every now and then I stumble into a Eureka! find, and Seal Cove Farm‘s pizza  is one.

This summer, Seal Cove—best known for its handcrafted, artisan cheeses, especially goat—debuted its new, outdoor, wood-burning pizza oven. Finding it requires noodling the backroads of Lamoine, the rural peninsula-tipping town framed by the Mount Desert Narrows, the Skillings River, and the western shores of Frenchman Bay. It’s worth it.

One day's menu at SEal Cove Farm. Hilary Nangle photoIMG_3725We arrived to find the new stone oven and seasonal kitchen building next to the small farm store. Graham, the pizza maker, was offering samples under a tent, and Lynn was running the store. While we were there Barbara, the farmer, stopped by, too.

Although the menu listed just four pizzas, the possibilities were limited only by the farm-fresh ingredients, produce/cheeses/and goateroni available and one’s imagination. A 10-inch pizza is $10.

Pizza in the outdoor oven at Seal Cove Farm. Hilary Nangle photo. IMG_3731We tasted two: the caramelized onion, roasted garlic, fresh chevre, and basil, followed by the kale, garlic scapes, and fresh feta. The two other options that day were snap peas, broccoli, and chevre and goateroni (goat pepperoni), chard, garlic and Olga (a mixed raw cow and goat milk cheese). We ordered the two we tasted, each opting to add snap peas to it.

Pizzas are made and baked individually as they need to be tended frequently while baking, but the whole process doesn’t take more than 10-15 minutes, if that, as long as there isn’t a line.

Picnic shelter at Seal Cove FArm. Hilary Nangle photo. IMG_3740We took our pizzas to a small shelter with a picnic table. From here, while happily savoring every bite, we watched goats leaping in the fields. Afterward, we visited the farm store for maple goat gelato (heaven!) and to purchase cheeses.

Be sure to check the website for current hours before making a special trip.

The final pizza, mmm. Hilary Nangle photo. IMG_3732



Goats playing king of the hill. Hilary Nangle photo  IMG_3743


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