Sign of summer: Ice cream soda


Honest, I had the best of intentions. I stopped at Royal River Natural Foods, in Yarmouth, intending to get some lunch fixings, but the store was out of what I wanted, and the prepared sandwiches and soups didn’t float my boat. So, I took that as a sign from God that I should have ice cream for lunch. A little less than an hour later, I was enjoying my all-time fave, a chocolate ice cream soda from Round Top Ice Cream, in Damariscotta. Only instead of just chocolate ice cream, I had the ice cream girl make it with both chocolate and ginger. Then I sat on the back deck, squinting in the unexpected sunshine. Heaven!

Ever since I was a little kid, and my grandmother used to make me ice cream sodas, I’ve loved the combo of ice cream and club soda and chocolate syrup with a dash of cream. It’s an old fashioned treat, and few ice cream stands know how to make one anymore. But Round Top does. Not only that, it makes a really, really good one.

Now, I had my heart set on the ice cream soda, but I noticed that Round Top has jumped on the gelatto trend. It’s making its own, and there was a nice selection of flavors in a separate cooler, just inside the front door. Check it out.

Anyway, I think it was a healthful lunch. I mean c’mon, ginger represents a plant group, right? It must count as something in the USDA pyramid. As for my major food group, it combined three of what I consider necessities of life: chocolate, sugar and ice cream. And everyone knows club soda has no calories!