Ski bunnies in Rangeley


Karen and I are officially members of “The Mad Whittler’s” Bunny Club (which is a far cry from Heffner’s Bunny Club). Renowned woodcarver Rodney Richard carves teensy rabbits and hands them out to girls of all ages, along with his card. Karen and I were having a post-ski pot of tea at the Parkside & Main, in downtown Rangeley, when Richard came over and handed us each one. “I’ve got more than 25,000 of these worldwide,” he told us. “I even received a thank-you note from Nancy Reagan.”

Accepting the bunny rabbit comes with a requirement: “Any girl having one of my personally handcarved bunnies must give 10 minutes of her time doing something nice for someone else.” Nice touch!

By the way, most of the woodcarvings you’ll see throughout the region were carved by Richard, including a few up at the mountain.