Brunswick’s buzzing about Green Bee sodas


I was drawn in by an adult-version of a lemonade stand as I moseyed along Main Street in Brunswick the other day. Christopher Kinkade and his wife, Lori, were sampling their new Green Bee All-Natural Soda in front of Morning Glory natural foods market. One sip of their debut Lemon Sting flavor, and I was smitten. “It’s made from only four ingredients,” Lori said, then ticked them off: water, rosemary, lemon, and Maine wildflower honey.

“I’ve been a home brewer and soda maker for 20 years,” Christopher  said, and this flavor was born of his research into beekeeping. “I realized how healthy bee products were, and I thought ‘why isn’t honey used more as a sweetener? You see a lot of organic sugar and evaporated cane juice, and that’s well and good, but why not honey?'”

Why not, indeed.

So he began playing around with Maine-grown honey as a sweetener. “It was a no-brainer. We’re the only local soda company using honey.  love the flavor of lemon and rosemary, and after a lot of experimentation, I said, ‘Aha! This is it.'”

I have to agree. It’s light and lovely, with the subtle sweetness of honey. I drank my sample, then requested more. Currently, it’s only sold at Morning Glory, but with time, it will be available in more stores. Seek it out. And look for a new “top secret” flavor to debut in late summer.


  1. Hi Hilary,
    After doing some research on this green bee lemon sting, I found that they do not use lemon juice, but a concentrated juice that has ingredients not listed on the bottle..


  2. Hi Phil,

    That is incorrect information my friend. They use fresh lemon juice in their lemon sting. Never use concentrated forms of any ingredient. Please do better research.

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