Cape Elizabeth’s Inn by the Sea successfully launches homeless dog adoption program


Mombo's first day at the Inn by the SeaWell that didn’t take long! The first dog in the new foster-to-adoption  program at the uber-dog-friendly Inn By the Sea, in Cape Elizabeth, came and left within 24 hours. Mombo,  a 2-year-old, mixed-breed (paperwork says German Shepherd, but it appears there was a bit of Bernese Mountain in the mix), was adopted just one day after arrival. It’s easy to see why, just take one look at this sweet dog in his snazzy Adopt Me vest.

Mombo meets the GM Jim Glanville at IBTS The program, offered in conjunction with the Animal Rescue League of Portland, seeks to find fur-ever homes for adoptable dogs by placing a rescue in temporary residence at the inn.

As one inn employee said, the hardest part is the emotional roller coaster for the staff: meet, greet, fall in love, and say good-bye! Looks like the GM and the rest of the staff wish Mombo had taken a bit more time to place, but they’ll be happy to know another dog will be taking up residence at the inn shortly.

Interested? Call the inn to see if there’s a rescue dog in residence, and head on over for a visit—as short as a quick coffee or cocktail or as long as an overnight or two. And if you already have a dog, remember this inn is one of the most dog friendly around.

Mombo is welcomed by staff at IBTS


  1. Great that you all are doing this.Imagine my good friend Rauni Kew is an enthusiastic sponser.

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