The Maine Lobster Book answers all lobster-related questions


The perfect souvenir for a Maine vacationWith Maine lobster in the headlines, it seems an appropriate time to share The Maine Lobster Book, by Virginia M. Wright, with you. If you’re looking for the definitive quick study on all-things lobster, this is it. Wright covers everything you want, need, and don’t want to know about Maine’s famous crustacean, and does so in a witty style presented an easy-to-understand format spiked with engaging graphics, images, and interviews.

Want to know why Maine lobster catches (a.k.a. landings) have increased so dramatically—“in 2011, the catch exceeded 100 million pounds, which is five times the historical average”—Wright explains, with the help of Maine’s chief lobster biologist (Uber cool job title!). Curious about lobster sex? Yup, she explains that, too, as well as the long watery road from birth to maturity. Wondering about what to do with lobster waste? Wright offers up golf balls, dog biscuits, and flower pots. Eager to understand the whys behind a blue, purple, pink, or two-toned bug, (a.k.a. lobster)? Wright consults with the Maine State Aquarium, in Boothbay, for the answers. And that’s all in the first section of the book.

In the second chapter, Wright covers the lobster life from the human perspective, highlighting a few of Maine’s best-known lobstering villages and festivals, and explaining the daily lives of those who make their living from them. Maine food historian Sandy Oliver shares a historical view, and in Snopes-like fashion, separates truth from legend.

Wright wraps it up with eating, debating hard shell or soft and what constitutes the perfect Maine lobster roll, and providing award-winning recipes garnered from the best amateurs to seasoned professional chefs.

In short, this is an excellent resource, great souvenir, and a cookbook all rolled into one little package.

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