Doughnuts and pho: Bakers Way in Boothbay Harbor is a dual find


Yes, I know doughnuts and pho is as unusual a combination as steamed dumplings and sticky buns or spring rolls and bear claws, but Bakers Way, a combo bakery and Vietnamese restaurant in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, does both baked goods and Vietnamese foods well.

Not that you’d know it. The lackluster exterior isn’t inviting, and the interior is purely functional—vinyl, steel, and Formica, but there’s life in this place, and locals know it. This isn’t fancy Asian; it’s an order-at-the-counter place, but it serves better-than-average renditions of the usuals with some bright spots (love the spring rolls and the steamed dumplings; friends rave about the yellow curry and the beef salad).

I frequent Bakers Way for the food, but there are a lot of other pluses. For starters, there’s a lovely and shaded garden dining area hidden out back that I didn’t even discover it until my third or fourth visit; it’s not on the radar screen of most vacationers, so it’s rarely crowded; it has parking; and it’s open year round (okay, maybe not that garden). I also think it’s one of the more reliable restaurants in Boothbay Harbor. Full confession: The other day I had not only lunch at Bakers Way with a friend, I returned for take-out to carry home.


  1. I love Bakers Way! A little difficult to understand when calling in a phone order. But, absolutely worth it. Great prices and always great food. Breakfast gets crazy and is sometimes difficult to get in when a large family orders ahead of your one sandwich. Just need to hit it at the right time.

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