Farnsworth paints Rockland; name artists are participating in auction


This is the seventh year of the Farnsworth Museum’s annual Paint the Town fund-raising event, but the first in which local galleries have encouraged the artists they represent to participate, and that means the opportunity to purchase works by artists such as Eric Hopkins (see image) and others, while helping benefit the museum.

Here’s the deal: Anyone age 14 and older can paint the town, creating a work of art in any medium, to be sold at the silent or live auction scheduled that afternoon. (If you want to participate—and receive a box lunch and free tee shirt—deadline is today, Tuesday Aug. 10; it’s free).

While there likely will be some undiscovered talent in the crowd, thanks to the galleries, name artists who have donated works for the auction include: Naomi Aho, Nancy Baker, Roberta Baumann Gardullo, Katherine Bradford, Bruce Busko, Irma Cerese, Alan Clark, David Scriven Crowley, Joellyn Duesberry, Judy Glickman, Ken Greenleaf, Eric Hopkins (see image), Kay Jackson, Kathleen James, Frederic Kellogg, Elizabeth Kelley, John LeBlanc, Anna B. McCoy, Greg Mort, Colin Page, Andrea Peters, Carol Rowan, Bjorn Runquist, Tollef Runquist, Ken Sahr, Lyn Snow, Brian Vanden Brink, Abbie Williams. Whew! Works by these artists will be on view in the museum’s auditorium leading up to the live Paint the Town auction.

Expect a block-party atmosphere, with food prepared and sold by the ever-popular Café Miranda, and folk and jazz music provided by Playin’ Possum and Breakers Jazz. Reception, with cash bar, begins at 4 pm.