Bermuda dreaming


img_9380If Crayola doesn’t have a color named Bermuda Blue, it should. Nothing compares with the brilliance and depth, the clarity or the dreaminess of Bermuda’s vivid bluesy sea.

Turquoise in the sandy shallows, a seaworthy marine in deeper waters, shimmering like a jewel under sunny skies, but blue it is, an unmistakable, undeniable blue as true to Bermuda as its pink sand.

img_9067I spent the last five days on this Atlantic island, exploring it from St. George’s on the East End to Dockyard on the West, walking much of it on the Railway Trail, with detours off to the sights along the way.

I’ll detail some of my adventures over the coming days. In the meantime, check out the view from my room at the Fairmont Southampton Princess.

UPDATE: Go here for my spa review.


  1. Tropical seas in many locales are often a deep, mesmerizing blue, especially when viewed from the air.

    That aside, this is no fair! You proceed from top skiing in Maine to a tropical paradise? How can any one person be so lucky?